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Hi and Welcome to the Parent page!

I don’t know if you have already started the family devotionals or if you are here to check us out.

But I know that if you are here then you want to strengthen your family.

As you will learn in the bible study devotionals, it begins with you. So here you will find that you are not alone whether you are trying to grow your own with God, or if you are looking for ways to have a stronger relationship with your kid(s). This page is for you!

Before we can role model for our kid(s) we first have to work on and better ourselves. I often say to other people “I want to be the person I think I am in my head”. Because for each of us we are internally striving to be better at something i.e. self esteem, courage, career etc.

Join the discussion board and share your comments, thoughts and concerns. Together let us build up each other to become the person we think we are. Talk to other parents who are reading this devotional on our Parent Devotional Forum.


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