A honest devotion Luke 10:38-42

A honest devotion Luke 10:38-42

I was praying tonight and I was as usual pouring my heart out to God. Asking for forgiveness of sins, praying for family and friends, and asking to fulfill my life purpose. As I was finishing, I started thinking about the verse that Jesus tells Martha she forgot the NEEDFUL thing.
See as individuals we get focused on meeting the needs of family, kids, profession and ministries/organizations. That the NEEDFUL thing can get lost.  Let me explain it in a different way… whenever I heard the story of Martha taught from the bible, I would tune out the speaker… because i feel like it is easy to Mary because of Martha did the work. And someone has to do the work!  I kinda resented Mary too. Let me explain….

In the story, Martha is the older sister. The one responsible for making sure the family is on track.  She probably owned the house. She was probably the one who sacrificed and took care of family responsibilities while both her brother and sister got to go off and do whatever….when things go wrong: the burden of responsibility fell on Martha.  And now Jesus is in the house “the most important guest” she will ever have and she is trying to give God all she has and is hoping for Him to notice her. See everybody knows Mary and Lazarus.  But Martha….

Finally, she wants to be the one. She would sit down and listen to the Master but who would make sure He had fresh water and bread.
Serving came easy for her and to be honest, she didn’t always mind. But it was the expectation that she would serve. The expectation that she would sacrifice so others could enjoy… She has sacrificed for her loved ones: she’s not married, no kids. Now, now all she wanted was for her sister to help this one time so she could enjoy time with the master too.  And instead of help, she gets reprimanded by the God she loved..”the God who sees” to love her and see her. And what she feels is more rejection….

Every person I know wants to have a full life. Filled with what they want and what they are called to do. And let me share it is difficult. Sometimes as a mom, I get so busy serving in my role as a mom that I forget to cultivate the relationship with my son.  I know because all of a sudden we could be watching television and I realized that I haven’t even spoken to him… I could not tell you what’s going on at school, or with his friends,  and once I didn’t even know he had gotten a new girlfriend.  What happened? I got so busy making sure that all the work was done but not what was needful.  Then I understood the lesson.  See sometimes especially when the burden of responsibility lies fully on you…you can forget what is so important.  Yes, I can buy the things you want or need…but what about our relationship? As your kids get older, they would rather be with friends. That is a proven fact.  But when you get to be together in the same space…are you able to enjoy each other?

Can you play games, talk or just be around? Do your kid(s) see you as just the provider…or are you the counselor, dietitian, confidant, slave master or stranger?

Let’s get back to what is needful. And it is NOT more stuff. What is your child’s personality?  Are you so in tuned with your child that with one look  you would know their emotional/mental state? If not I say to you what God said to Martha and in the end to me…. Get back to what is NEEDFUL!

That’s it folks….

Wish I could say more but the message is that simple. Martha took her eyes off the prize. And if we were all honest, we all do at some point. It becomes more about what we are doing or what we are missing verses the fact that sometimes we need to be actively engaged in whats going on….cause we can get fresh water and bread after we spend quality time together.  Something to think about.


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