Jun 2016
It’s your time

A popular song right now is MaryMary’s “It’s your time”. I have to admit I was not a fan a first but I hear the song differently now. This morning as I prayed with my covenant sisters. We all had it on our hearts to pray for others. Not our families, friends, or circle of influence….but instead to think of others greater than ourselves. One of the lessons in the devotional teaches about our children passing through the fire. You may wonder why? Read 2 kings17:16-17 Our desire for a better life......

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Apr 2014
A honest devotion Luke 10:38-42

I was praying tonight and I was as usual pouring my heart out to God. Asking for forgiveness of sins, praying for family and friends, and asking to fulfill my life purpose. As I was finishing, I started thinking about the verse that Jesus tells Martha she forgot the NEEDFUL thing. See as individuals we get focused on meeting the needs of family, kids, profession and ministries/organizations. That the NEEDFUL thing can get lost.  Let me explain it in a different way… whenever I heard the story of Martha taught from the......

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